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A group of dancers from Chongqing Disabled People"s Performing Art Troupe perform on the street in Cairo, Egypt during the Third Awladna International Forum for Arts of Gifted, on Feb 15-22. [Photo provided to]

Artists with disabilities from Southwest China"s Chongqing have been awarded first prize in artistic creation and performance at an international event in Cairo, Egypt.

The Third Awladna International Forum for Arts of Gifted provided an opportunity for people with special needs from 36 countries and regions to showcase their talents in art performances, painting, music, movie, sports and handicrafts.

Chongqing Disabled People"s Performing Art Troupe"s 18-member team presented five performances, including four dances and one flute solo.

The Chinese artists also staged eight public performances at the theatre, in the streets and at a local cancer hospital during their one-week visit.

After China and Egypt upgraded their bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership in 2014, cultural exchanges have been on the increase, with frequent visits by artists, as well as cultural and musical delegations from both sides, according to Xinhua News Agency.

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